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  1. @siggy47 takes us on a trip to Pubkey, a bitcoin bar in New York City's Manhattan. Pubkey may feature bitcoin payments, art, and events with world famous bitcoiners, but it's a fanstanstic bar even measured against other bars according to @siggy47.
  2. How much are sats worth to you? asks @Undisciplined. Unsurprisingly most of us value sats in excess of their exchange rate, but a few of us value sats differently under different conditions.
  3. Abracadabra! Magic Webstore added a sleu of new features: proof of store ownership, DMs to store owners when they receive new orders, store activity metrics, and the ability to withdraw a store's till in dollars using visa gift cards.
  4. We're all regularly sharing and reusing lightning addresses. Should we be? @privnut gauges Interest in a Lightning Address Alias Service?
  5. WorldCoin is scanning irises and taking names. Are we all going to get pink eye and rich? @crrdlx predicts WorldCoin's fate using the example of a UBI cryptocurrency launched in 2014 called AuroraCoin.
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