Car discusses bullish scenarios for Bitcoin in 2019. The halvening is in 314 days. Bitcoin's inflation rate will be cut to 1.8%. Why is that important? It will be lower than central banks target of 2% inflation. In 2012 when Bitcoin halved the price was $12.50. In 2016 it was $650, up 50x over 4 years. If Bitcoin appreciates 50x again, at the 2020 halving the price will be $32,000 per Bitcoin. If it does it again for 2024 the price will be 1.6 million a coin.

In 2019 most Bitcoin OG’s report, the geopolitical risks that weighed on global economic growth in the second half of 2018 would likely carry through to 2019. That uncertainty would be a boom for Bitcoin prices, as institutional investor demand is expected to increase Bitcoin's effective and increasing hedging role.