All the news that came from Day 1 at Consensus 2021. Not everything that was reported today came out exactly like it sounds...we discuss.

Thriller Premium is covering Consensus 2021 for the third year, because Consensus is the singular global conference that brings together entrepreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and the curious under one roof to explore developments in crypto, collaborate around blockchain initiatives and debate the future of finance.

As CoinDesk’s largest event of the year, this four-day experience will bring together more than 10,000 attendees across a variety of educational panels, workshops, keynotes, fire-side chats, networking experiences and more for an up-close look at the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the excesses and the optimism of crypto. Featuring the most sought after industry leaders, innovators and analysts, the speaker lineup features enterprise blockchain, crypto startups, policymakers and cross-industry pioneers. Discussing various topics that support the Consensus agenda.

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We are thrilled to cover 4 days of this conference and bring you all the latest highlights.


A SPECIAL ADDRESS: Dr. Lael Brainard Member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

FIRST PRINCIPLES: Ray Dalio on Money, Monetary Policy & Bitcoin