All the news that came from Day 2 at Bitcoin Miami 2021. We discuss the biggest news of the weekend and the implications going forward for what this means.

Thriller Premium is covering Bitcoin Miami 2021 for the first year, Bitcoin 2021, was the biggest Bitcoin event in history with a sold-out crowd of over 12,000 attendees and honestly seemed like close to 16,000-17,000 thousand that first day.

Bitcoin 2021 will feature a massive collection of the best and brightest minds in the space, dozens of one-of-a-kind BTC activations and the chance to celebrate the world’s best technology with all of your internet friends IRL. Not to mention the dozens of satellite events happening around the city.

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We are thrilled to cover 2 days of this conference and bring you all the latest highlights.


Ross Ulbricht Interview

The Bitcoin Macro Landscape

  • Preston Pysh, Jeff Booth, Mark Yusko, Greg Foss, Trey Lockerbie

The Moral Case For Bitcoin

  • Guy Hirsch, Robert Breedlove, Jimmy Song, Guy Swann

Bitcoin For Billions, Not Billionaires

  • Elizabeth Stark, Lyn Alden

One Small Step For Bitcoin, One Giant Leap For Mankind

  • Jack Mallers