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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

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  1. Do you have the bear market blues? Symptoms include: well, disillusionment primarily. In SN's most commented post ever, @btc_remnant writes I'm losing my faith.
  2. LNBits is now available as SaaS. For the uninitiated, LNbits is best thought of as a tool and/or toy box for your Lightning node.
  3. Create a censorship resistant web store on nostr accepting Bitcoin in minutes with Superstore, a powerful example of how nostr distributes both trust and concerns.
  4. While no customer data was compromised according to Mullvad, Mullvad VPN was subject to a search warrant.
  5. Bitcoin's privacy is far from perfect. @CodePsychology distinguishes anonymity from privacy and explains how to maintain better privacy in Bitcoin Privacy.
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  1. Senior Full Stack Engineer \ Synota \ Remote
  2. Head of Finance (Part Time) \ Foundation \ Remote

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