SNL#30: I like plants

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

If you could own a satoshi mined in Bitcoin's second block (the coinbase of the first block is unspendable), how much would you pay for it? Casey Rodarmor hosted a workshop on ordinals today at Pleb Lab. Ordinals are an addressing scheme for such sats.

While the addressing scheme is simple, it brings attention (are dare I say value) to sats mined in exceptional circumstances, like this to-be-mined sat from a coinciding halving and difficulty adjustment.

Treat this weekend like it's rare, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs

We have 2 heavy hitting AMAs scheduled!

  • Lyn Alden, founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, will be doing an AMA Monday August 29th at 2p CT. Lyn Alden is well known for combining rigorous macro appraisals with a deep understanding of bitcoin. Don't miss it!
  • Graham Krizek, founder and CEO of Voltage, will be doing an AMA Tuesday August 30th at 10a CT. Voltage is the leading Lightning infrastructure as a service company and it's been growing like weeds.
Top Posts
  1. Team Zebedee stopped by for a product announcement AMA. While bringing attention to their ZBD Bots launch on Product Hunt, they answered any and all things Zebedee, Bitcoin, and games. ZBD Bots allows you to "send Bitcoin as easily as texting in Discord and Telegram."
  2. Alby released a sat-powered Instagram proof-of-concept, InSATgram. Using WebLN, a protocol for communication between web apps and browsers, and LSATS, which is both an authentication and Lightning payment protocol using the grandfathered 402 payment required HTTP response status code, InSATgram allows you to pay to view images using a WebLN enabled wallet, which sends sats to the uploader's Lightning address and authenticates your continuted access to the image using LSATs.
  3. @Natalia shares some experience and feedback on a few lightning Projects ⚡️. Natalia reviews some of the most popular Lightning apps: Fountain, sMiles, Vida, LNCal, Carrot, Zebedee, and SN 🥰 . Natalia's recurring gripe is that Lightning login is absent in many of these services.
  4. Tadge Dryja, co-inventor of Lightning and DLCs, joins David Marcus' Lightspark.
  5. Lyle Pratt, founder of Vida, did an AMA. We learn about Lyle's experience as a successful founder, how he plans to grow Vida, how he thinks about fiat onramps and KYC, and much more!
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  2. Write your El Salvador story for our website! \ Escape to El Salvador \ El Salvador or Remote

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