SNL#26: Do you have any beef with IKEA?

Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

Pleb Lab moves into its new office this weekend. The 3k+ sqft of bitcoin-only coworking and startup accelerator space, located in downtown Austin, began with a tweet I wrote last Fall:

If any Austin Plebs are tired of working with Bitcoin from home alone, I'm thinking about turning my garage into a free Pleb co-working space when the weather cools down. hmu

Share your dreams with someone this weekend, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs

We have three AMAs scheduled for this week!

  • Pierre Rochard, cohost of the Noded Podcast, will be doing an AMA Tuesday August 2nd at 10a CT. Among other things, Pierre led the team that add Lightning support to Kraken and recently joined Riot Blockchain as VP of Research.
  • Allen Farrington, investor and author of Bitcoin is Venice, will be doing an AMA Wednesday August 3rd at 12p CT. Allen is widely known for his writings on bitcoin.
  • Michael Rhee, founder of Wavlake, will be doing an AMA Friday August 5th at 10a CT. Wavlake allows musicians and podcasters to distribute audio and receive sats on Lightning from listeners.
Top Posts
  1. Bitfinex, the company behind the FUD-famous Tether, announced Keet. Keet is a lot like Signal, a privacy-focused chat application, but lacks centralized coordination (ie it's P2P) and promises to integrate bitcoin and Tether payments. Holepunch is the underlying protocol of Keet, allowing peers to connect with just their public key. While Holepunch is not open sourced, it sounds like its a variation on a distributed hash table.
  2. Have you ever felt uncomfortable leaving your bitcoin miner at home? Wish you could produce 14 trillion hashes per second on the go? Well, Peter took being a sovereign individual to the extreme and did just that, strapping an S9 with a battery to a backpack while attending the Mining Disrupt conference.
  3. John Cantrell posted another awesome twitter thread on how and why onion routing is used in Lightning. He then came on SN and asked if anyone had any questions.
  4. The company behind the BitBox hardware wallet, Shift Crypto, wrote an article summarizing the results of the Taproot soft fork. It covers the advantages of Taproot, privacy and efficiency gains like batch validation, the disadvantages, primarily the larger tx size relative to segwit, and the state of Taproot adoption.
  5. Kevin Rooke wrote a short post on El Salvador planning to buy back its own debt given that it's trading at a discount.
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Top Jobs
  1. Earn sats listening to Bitcoin podcasts \ Stakwork \ Remote
  2. Experienced Software Engineer & Remnant \ Plebeian.Technology \ Remote
  3. Mobile app developer - React Native \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  4. Backend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote
  5. Frontend Developer \ Bitrefill \ Sweden or Remote

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