Watergate. Pizzagate. Sharpiegate. Bill Gates. What do they all have in common? The word gate. What else do they share? They pale in comparison to the evolving calamity of Shoogate2022. Please be warned, the following video is of graphic nature and not suitable for normies.


After this senseless act of aggression, Marty offered no apology. He is even on record saying "Ben and I have a funny relationship where we shit on each other." to which Ben poetically replied "U wot m8?"

While the Bitcoin community is reeling from the shoo heard round the world at Pleb Lab, the mainstream media remains silent. Not only that, a google search of "Shoogate2022 WW฿ TFTC Justice for Ben" shows literally zero hits. Censorship at its finest. It is apparent that the tech giants and media elites (and bread) are coordinating to suppress this savagery.

The Neils vs the Bens is a quarrel as old as time, but a new force just entered the fray; the Marty. We know that the Ben is mightier than the sword, and a sword is as tough as Neils, but no one could have predicted the power of a flick of the wrist.

Whoever the losers may be, the winners will most certainly be the bears. All we can do now is pray that the bloodshed ends quickly. Can the Bens & Marty reconcile their differences for the good of humanity? Will Marty learn to stay humble or continue to belittle plebs? Can Ben recover his dignity and learn to love again? Who the fuck are the Neils? Only time will tell.