At Thriller Bitcoin, we seek to be fair in our coverage of the space, which allows for individuals and companies a reasonable window to respond to my direct inquiries prior to running a story that contains important news about them.

While I recognize that being a Bitcoiner has a certain point of view, I insist that the reporting be accurate, rigorous, comprehensive, and ethical. And I am transparent with listeners and readers about how I arrived at these conclusions. Most of our investigative articles come with a podcast episode to explain these conclusions. If and when I make a mistake, I will hold myself and Thriller Bitcoin accountable.


Thriller Bitcoin’s guidelines for articles with the use of anonymous sources are intended to provide transparency about our sourcing whenever possible. Our Amazon story is a perfect example of this; if I had revealed his identity it could have serious ramifications to his job and career. Therefore in those situations we do our best to protect our sources.


To request a correction, send me an email at [email protected] and I will carefully review any potential inaccuracies before making changes to a published article. In the event of a minor error, the story will be amended and the change will be noted at the bottom and credit will be given. Any major or significant corrections will be noted at the top of the story. Feel free to write an article explaining your frustrations with our article and I will gladly publish it along side ours. At the end of the day we care about the reader and/or listener. And in the event of new details and/or clarifications, this will be added to the article as an update. I will always do my best to follow the story I write, I will make mistakes but in the end I will always correct them publicly and apologize.