OpenSats supports and maintains a sustainable ecosystem of funding for free and open source projects and contributors, especially Bitcoin related projects and projects which help Bitcoin flourish.

📬 #ProofofWork

OpenSats is committed to providing a platform with no fees and 100% passthrough of all donations to projects and the general fund made via our platform. Whats great about OpenSats is they 💯 support free and open source Bitcoin projects as well as related free and open source projects.

From left to right: J9Roem Dread Eiaine James k3tan ODELL Niftynei udiverse Ben Price

The board consists of some of the best people in the Bitcoin space.

🤠 Multiple ways you can contribute Plebs⚡️

Local austin bitcoin startups Zaprite and The Bitcoin Company are also supporters for OpenSats

Also whats really cool if you support ⚡️ podcasts you can now do a user split directly from our great friends at Fountain or directly from your Node or Wallet. (Will try to make a thriller bitcoin tutorial soon on how to do this.)

📡 ODELL with the signal on how to do this.

Its really easy tho so most Plebs have already started. 👀 we are doing it for Stacker News Live podcasts directly from Fountain and it all started with Talking in Bits podcast taking the initiative to get us going.

and more and more people are doing it too!

Also OpenSats is ready for your project so if you are an open source developer apply to get a grant.

All the projects OpenSats has given grants to. Also you can directly fun each project on their website.