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  1. Did Mircea Popescu fake his drowning in Costa Rica a year ago? Mircea Popescu is one of the earliest toxic bitcoin maxis and claimed to have over one million bitcoin, second only to Satoshi. The Mysterious Life And Death Of Mircea Popescu by @siggy47 tells Mircea's riveting story.
  2. Kody Low, Head of Developer and Product Support at Fedi, did an AMA. We learn about Kody's mythical work ethic, the potential powers of Fedimints beyond federated custody, whether bitcoin is for robots or humans, and more!
  3. You wake up and Bitcoin is worth $1M. What do you do? Are you a doomer readying yourself for the implied economic fallout or are you unphased, a submarine one thousand leagues deep in The Stoic Sea? Prompt master @birdeye21 asks.
  4. On the intersecting frontiers of Bitcoin and Nostr, we find the generative homestead of one Super Testnet. His latest invention is Bit Pac, a tool for forming publicly auditable cooperatives. Bit Pac marries bitcoin's MuSig and nostr identities to collectively manage treasury funds and verifiable statements.
  5. On Bitcoin Adoption by @jimmysong argues bitcoin adoption is a function of appreciation for sound money. He explains that adoption through other means like marketing, promotion, or moderation of sound money's virtues are ill-conceived and ill-fated.
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  1. TypeScript Script Interpreter & OP_Codes Library [short term contract] \ stealth \ Remote
  2. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote
  3. Senior Digital Product Designer (UI/UX/VX) \ Foundation \ Remote

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