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  1. @siggy47 wants his friends off the exchange rate rollercoaster.
  2. Open source software (OSS) struggles with maintenance costs because free riding is the dominant strategy of OSS consumers.
  3. @Onions loathes applying investment strategies to bitcoin.
  4. @theariard decides to leave Bitcoin FOSS after losing faith in lightning and falling out with community members.
  5. While most of us expect more inflation, @blocktock reminds us The Sovereign Individual predicts deflation.
  1. Robin Linus AMA
  2. AMA - Building a "Bitcoin AI"
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Top Monday meme \ 25.7k sats \ @SatoshiNakanodo

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Top Friday fun fact \ 10.2k sats \ @mSats

When Montenegro became independent from Yugoslavia, its Internet domain name went from .yu to .me.

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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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A guy who works on Stacker News

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