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Happy Sat-urday Stackers,

I asked ChatGPT how would you use bitcoin in a content ranking algorithm ...

Bitcoin could potentially be used in a content ranking algorithm to incentivize users to submit high-quality content or to weight the votes of users when determining a piece of content's ranking. This could help to ensure that the content on the site is of a high quality and reflective of the interests of its users.

Whelp, I'm nearly out of a job.

Celebrate your irreducible human qualities this weekend, stackers!

Upcoming AMAs
  • Valera, which makes claims of being able to host nodes "10,000x cheaper than others" in a yet-to-be-released service, will be doing an AMA Tuesday December 3rd at 10a CT.
  • Apollo, a new service that pays you sats to review products, will be doing an AMA Wednesday December 4th at 10a CT.
  • Synota, which uses Lightning to make power supply and consumption an instantly settling pay-as-you-go service, will be doing an AMA Thursday December 5th at 10a CT.
Top Posts
  1. Void is a Bitcoin wallet that gives the Bitcoin you store in Void Monero-like properties, namely that all Bitcoin it sends or receives is coinjoined. Coordination for the coinjoin happens on nostr, and like most of Super Testnet's inventions is implemented as a client-side browser application.
  2. Mamma mia, Tony Giorgio and fellow capos, benthecarman, Evan Kaloudis, Max Hillebrand, and Paul Miller, announce Lightning Privacy Research. The group released three chapters of research explaining Lightning privacy pitfalls along with proposals for mitigating them.
  3. Bold, the company behind a bitcoin collateralized credit card with bitcoin rewards, did an AMA. We learn the upsides/downsides of using Bitcoin for a secured credit line, how transaction fees play into Bold's business model, how their multi-sig collateral system works, and more!
  4. This one is a tough nut to crack, as I found the documentation a bit unclear, but anonsats is some kind of integration between LNBits, a multi-user custodial Lightning wallet, and Cashu, an ecash wallet and mint with Lightning support. The extent of the integration is unclear, but it's fun to play with either way!
  5. Casa, the previously Bitcoin-only collaborative custody service, is expanding into crypto, announcing they'll soon collaborate on Ethereum custody. Is this an innocuous business move or is Casa merely getting rid of its largest expense - principles? You be the judge, stackers.
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