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  1. Once a top 300 lightning node, lnvisualizer announces I am not a routing node anymore citing a -779,079 sat operational loss.
  2. Lightning channel splicing is live in the latest version of Phoenix. Splicing trustlessly resizes a lightning channel's capacity. A single splice-enabled channel with Phoenix's LSP satisfies most needs of a lightning pleb in a trust and cost-minimized way.
  3. Bias helps us efficiently reason about complex situations but tends to lead us astray. Common psychological biases that bitcoiners have by @birdeye21 describes a few biases bitcoiners suffer from.
  4. Portable Experiences attempts to articulate and reduce what nostr is and what it isn't. Nostr, as is, is a protocol for portable identity and portable text data. If true, sober predictions about Nostr's future must follow from that.
  5. Mutiny Wallet is in Open Beta! Mutiny is the world's first non-custodial lightning node that operates in a web browser. Mutiny+ dog foods Mutiny's own pull based payment subscription feature (built on nostr) to provide priority support and premium features for 21k sats/mo.
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