My name is Remy Leibow and I am an alcoholic former shitcoiner.

My personal investment journey started from humble beginnings; purchasing meme-stocks on Robinhood. I skillfully timed my buys to be during the greatest bull-run of all time, and I became obsessed with the large profits I saw. 5-10% (boomer) gains gradually lost their appeal as I focused on riskier and riskier assets. Inevitably, I was introduced to crypto. I started doing weekly buys of BTC and ETH in late 2019, before actively trading some dogecoin. For me, Bitcoin was just another player in the larger cryptocurrency sphere. As I kept seeking higher & higher returns, I moved into a multitude of other alt-coins.

My shameful past

I thought that I understood the world of crypto, but it wasn’t until 2021 that I started to see the error of my ways. It began with asking myself some simple questions: What use does a set issuance rate provide? Why does POW matter when POS is so much easier? Why do people care that bitcoin was never pre-mined? Why is decentralization so important? Who cares if transactions are immutable or not? I had no technical background, but these basic questions revealed to me the clear differences between Bitcoin & shitcoins

Literally me

Though I started to realize that the real crypto-sphere was actually just Bitcoin, my true paradigm shift occurred when I attended my first Austin Bit Devs meetup. I had always assumed that Bitcoin was a lifeless technology; that the code had remained unchanged since some absolute chad named Satoshi Nakamoto wrote it. To my surprise, Bitcoin turned out to be a constantly evolving technology with many passionate developers tirelessly working on it. Even though I understood about 3% (if that) of what was discussed by the developers, the realization that there were so many people smarter than me working on this project absolutely blew my mind.

Literally me too

What truly got me on the wagon was not the technology, the active development, or even the implications for the future; it was the people. From my first meetup, every bitcoiner has been ready and willing to talk to me. Even as a shitcoiner, bitcoiners have gone out of their way to show me the way and make me feel welcome. I truly love the culture of giving and reciprocity and, correct me if I wrong, you guys are cool as shit.

I would say that I am still about 30-40% normie, but that is steadily changing. I can’t wait to see how my worldview evolves as I delve deeper and deeper into this technology & community. I may not end up sunning my balls, but who knows? Starting now, I will be writing for Thriller Bitcoin and covering the local Austin Bitcoin scene. Car and I will be posting a podcast to further introduce me, so be on the lookout for it and any other future media. Please join me (and help along the way) as I continue my path from a shitcoiner to a bitcoiner.