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  1. @hodlpleb's wife receives a cancer diagnosis and stackers share their experience, advice, and support.
  2. Gary Gensler, SEC chair, carefully FUDed bitcoin on CNBC this week. @kepford peels apart the talking points.
  3. Before you know it, Lightning will have collaboratively funded channels as @niftynei's Dual-funding BOLT got merged.
  4. Bitcoin should improve monetizing journalism but how? @thebitcoinbugle shares some ideas and asks for more.
  5. Ecash mint software is maturing but @BlueSlime thinks it's more of the same.
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Top Friday fun fact \ 10.6k sats \ @0xbitcoiner

During World War II, the allies had a plan to build an aircraft carrier made of ice.


Project Habakkuk or Habbakuk (spelling varies) was a plan by the British during the Second World War to construct an aircraft carrier out of pykrete, a mixture of wood pulp and ice, for use against German U-boats in the mid-Atlantic, which were beyond the flight range of land-based planes at that time. The plan was to create what would have been the largest ship ever at 600 metres (1,969 ft) long, which would have been much bigger than even USS Enterprise, the largest naval vessel ever, at 342 metres (1,122 ft) long. The idea came from Geoffrey Pyke, who worked for Combined Operations Headquarters. After promising scale tests and the creation of a prototype on Patricia Lake, Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada, the project was shelved due to rising costs, added requirements, and the availability of longer-range aircraft and escort carriers which closed the Mid-Atlantic gap that the project was intended to address.

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  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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