🎉 bitcoin++ has released its full schedule this week. bitcoin++ is a dev conf + hackathon for bitcoin builders, present + future. 🏄‍♂️ Happening in Austin, TX June 7+8+9+10th.

🎯 Thats right the full schedule for the conference side including rooms and speakers has been released.  

btc++ conference schedule is available now via sched 
the bitcoin++ hackathon is happening at the Bitcoin Commons on June 9th + 10th.

💻 The hackathon portion of the conference on the 9th and 10th is being held at Bitcoin Commons where devs will be able to win up to ⚡️12 million sats. Plus a🥂🎉 closing party friday evening on the famous Rainey Street at The Tipsy Alchemist. The other cool side event happening the next day on the 11th is the first ever Taco Pleb Crawl brought to you by Zaprite and Oshi.

come roll through the east side on Saturday, June 11th at 3:30pm and enjoy tacos and dancing at the white horse

🎯 If you are coming to bitcoin++ make sure to join the exclusive telegram link to stay up to date with all the conf deets.

✌️ See ya in 2 weeks!