The Beef Initiative secretly launched a trailer for the high signal conference they just had last weekend. In it they show exactly what happens when you get Bitcoiners together with ranchers in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

On April 23rd, 2022 we met in Kerrville Texas for the first annual Beef Initiative Conference. Over the next week we'll be uploading our archives of the speakers.

🐄 Bone Broth Challenge is happening on May 13th-14th.

The Beef Initiative believe it’s important for a twofold approach when focusing on collaborating with individuals and organizations. This includes bringing them pure animal protein as a nutritional source, and also increase their knowledge of how to use it for better health - and the health of their loved ones.

The Beef Initiative are an important health signal to local austin bitcoiners as we see the circular economy happening first here in the Mecca. Texas Slim and his team prove this through simply sweat equity and #proofofwork. Something you are seeing a lot of these days in the Austin Bitcoin scene. They do this through a range of efforts like podcasts, video, social media, meetups, and more.